The DJURA Tin is a stand alone serialization machine that prints, verifies and rejects carton tins. Tins can be printed on various sides of the product for track and trace and marketing applications.


  • Quality control of tins (form, presence and position of poster stamp and/or tax stamp and EAN code control)
  • Coding area detection (always an aligned code)
  • Laser coding system for serialization
  • Supports the ECC200 Data Matrix Code
  • Up to 135 tin codings/minute (data matrix code & 3 human readable text lines)
  • Code verification on readability with vision technology
  • Reject of disapproved tins



  • Independent of manufacturer (OEM) of existing machinery/production line (standalone machine, where aggregation kits (add-on modules) are installed without changing functionality and efficiency of existing machines. No communication with existing machines necessary).
  • Independent of EU state member. Serialization according the directives of individual state member.
  • Automated machine adjustment at product change.
  • One control system for serialization and all aggregation levels.
  • One reliable central control system.
  • No adjustments in the total layout of the entire production line. Systems are integrated into the current layout.
  • Serialization takes place after the last reject (check weigher) making the system ready for the digital tax-stamp.
  • Short implementation time (production line is ready for production within one week)
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