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Serialization of products and aggregation of data for a reliable traceability

Industries are struggling with illicit trade and counterfeiting of products. To encounter this, production companies seek solutions to track and trace products during production and distribution. The importance of track and trace solutions is currently a key topic in the tobacco and pharmaceutical industry.


Serialization refers to providing a single item packaging with a unique code and interchange encrypted data safely. The applied code enables tracking of products throughout the entire supply chain. Codentify is a digital coding technology developed for serialization in the tobacco industry. Whereas the pharmacical industry has chosen the Data Matrix ECC200 as a standard for data carrier.


In order to reliably track serialized packs, aggregation is essential. With aggregation, products can be tracked and traced until any packaging level in the production chain. From single packs to pallets. Aggregation defines the relationship between pallets, boxes, bundles and single piece products. By only scanning the pallet code all information becomes available up to the single product level.

Software Track & Trace

DJURA’s track and trace software efficiently controls serialization and aggregation systems and exchanges the linked data with central control and data systems,  such as Hermos Track & Trace and FractureCode (SAP, ERP). We implement software in your existing packaging lines. The control of all serialization and aggregation equipment takes place from one central point.


Despite a closed and 100% reliable track and trace system, anti-tampering devices and software is often made mandatory by governments. This ensures data is independently verified, validated and stored.

DJURA implements and integrates anti-tampering devices and software in their track and trace machinery. DJURA also consists of standalone anti-tampering solutions for existing machines and production lines. The combination of a 100% closed and reliable system with software and hardware anti-tampering, ensures a validated serialization, aggregation and production process.

Implementation of serialization and aggregation in production

Boikon implements serialization and aggregation equipment in new machines and existing packaging machines such as bundle machines and case packers. The implementation of serialization and aggregation software and machinery can be challenging and can raise a lot of questions. Ask our engineers for advice.




DJURA SUB – Case Packer





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